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My Mission

To serve in helping others realise and unleash their greatness, becoming the best version of themselves, through overcoming their limiting beliefs and growing in confidence and self worth to live with fulfilling abundance in every aspect of their lives.

Sebastian Attewell Life Coach

Hi, you have found my site, which is a good start and a step towards fundamental change and finding your greatness.

About Me

My name is Sebastian, I believe that once you remove your own limitations, you can achieve anything you desire and more.

I live in the South East of England, in Kent, and am a keen amateur photographer, skier, martial artist, traveller and lover of architecture and all things outdoors.

I am a life coach with real life experience and a passion to help others find their true potential in all aspects of life and move past whatever limiting beliefs are holding them back.

My Story

"Sometimes life has to be shaken up, even hit rock bottom, before we decide to make the change we need."


Years ago I was not aware that I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown as I tried to balance and control a stressful job with an even more stressful relationship and subsequent separation. I hated the job I used to love, I was not progressing due to the stress and felt trapped as I needed the salary to support my ever growing financial commitments. I was stuck in a life that did not serve me.


Eventually something had to give, there seemed to be no way to reduce the stress from my personal life and it had a massive impact on everything else. I had become cut off and distanced from my parents and siblings and work had changed from fast track to partner of a big 5 consultancy to a voluntary demotion and eventually having to leave, because my head was just not in the game, and face some tough financial challenges.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Only when I had taken time away from the high stress, fast paced big consultancy career work and stepped into a 9-5 desk job did I start to reflect on where life had brought me and focus time and effort on rebuilding myself.

I spent years of reading self development books, following personal development gurus online and a small fortune on having confidence coaching, counseling, hypnotherapy and CBT but I was struggling to find anything that created a lasting change. Searching for something to help me overcome my limiting beliefs I signed up to EMF and finally found true personal transformation

Having studied and worked with Peter Sage, I had the fortune to be part of his team developing his trainer program as well as being one of the first to coach the EMF.

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