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Having been in the personal development world for many years, and working on my own self improvement for many more, I have studied , researched psychology, human behaviour, mental health, counselling and coaching , and attended many courses, programs and retreats, both worldly and spiritual. I started to notice that, despite some growth, I was fluctuating within a limited range. It honestly felt like I was hitting a ceiling. I kept looking for the next thing that would push me through it. I established that none of the books or courses were properly joined up, many of them were great within the margins they covered. The issue is that information, or knowledge, is not enough to drive transformation to that next level. Theory is meaningless without application. The next challenge is that application of a subset of what is needed has very limited results, especially when unaware that it is merely a subset. If the head and the heart are not aligned there will always be conflicting beliefs and values that limit growth and awareness

Revisiting and connecting the the various courses and programs I decided to join all knowledge and theories together, from various approaches, and fill in the gaps. Through working on both the practical and the spiritual elements together the results have been undeniable, both for me and many clients. 




The hardest step, for those who have chosen to commit time and energy into their transformation, 
is choosing the best path.

This is often complicated if they have tried personal development previously and had little or no significant lasting change, becoming frustrated that they cannot reach that shift they are really looking for.

This is due to how the bulk of the personal growth industry is built and failing people. Most programs, even those globally renowned ones, do not deliver everything needed. They either focus on the practical side or the spiritual side, and often each of these are incomplete within their own areas. 

The result of which is a temporary “feel good” factor which only draws people back to whomever helped them feel good, to repeat the process when that feeling subsides. This creates a cycling plateau from which they never escape, often creating a belief that they are unable to achieve further growth.

This is why it is critical to bring the spiritual and practical together, aligning heart and mind, and body and soul. This is the only route to deeper lasting transformation that will move you beyond the switch point, able to embrace uncertainty and challenges with excitement.

Life can be challenging!

Whether they are financial, emotional, physical, or health related, everyone must overcome adversities of one level or another at some point in life.  

Although you cannot change past events, you can change your relationship to them. In parallel you can develop a mindset to help prevent adverse impacts of future challenges.

If you feel there is something holding you back, that you are lacking confidence, or do not believe in yourself enough, this is all programming that has been created throughout life. The good news is that all of this can be rewritten from within.

There is no single route to happiness, success, and fulfilment. Everybody has different paths on their journey and the right coach will guide you to it and through it. If sometimes you feel you are in control and other times life feels overwhelming, you are in survival mode staying on top of things, but not reaching the goals you dream of, then finding alignment will bring balance to life.

If you are ready, and have a desire, to shift out of your current state and reach your potential in all aspects of your life, reach out and discover how you can unleash the best version of you.

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