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Sebastian Attewell Transformation Personal Growth Personal Development

Photograph by Martin J Palmer

Life gets challenging! No matter who you are or what job you do, you will face challenges along the way. Whether they are financial, emotional, mental, or physical/health, almost everyone has to overcome adversity of one level or another at some stage in their life.

Everybody has different paths on their journey to happiness, success and fulfillment. Some people find it in their career, others find it in a romantic relationship, and some in renewed self confidence. Happiness and success means something different to us all, which is why achieving it can be so complicated and confusing. There is no single recipe for fulfillment, and finding the right coach to help you will get you there and faster than trying it alone.

Many people never achieve real fulfillment and true happiness.


It is too easy to stay in your comfort zone and allow your partner, family, colleagues or society to dictate what you do and shape you and your journey. Often your safe zone is not only what you are comfortable with but is often negative, such as hanging on to trauma that you are so accustomed to that you fear letting it go off because it has become part of you. You need to have courage to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and push through your self imposed limitations. The fear of failing is enough to stop people from even starting.


​It doesn't have to be like this!


I can help you to break through your limiting beliefs and create

your own path, life and future.

Life coaching is not just for the rich and famous and those who have already achieved great success wanting more. Life coaching it is about more than making more and more money.

Working with me will change and upgrade your mindset.

It doesn't matter how successful or unsuccessful you've been so far, you are not defined by your past, but if you allow yourself to be limited by your past experiences it will limit the future you can have.

Break through your limiting beliefs and create

your own path, life and future

While you can't always control what comes your way, you can be in charge of your mindset. You can decide whether you live in a friendly or unfriendly universe, which ever option you choose will impact the future you have.

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