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1. Join the Facebook Group

2. Take a look at the information below about the EMF before our call:

The Elite Mentorship Forum


The Elite Mentorship Forum is a comprehensive, six-month program designed to break through every single self-limiting belief that holds you back from achieving everything you want to achieve and from becoming everything you wish to be.

Over 27 weeks, this powerful, refreshing, life-changing course offers the opportunity to create lasting transformation for you to unlock your fullest potential, resulting in a deeply fulfilling, balanced and self-empowered life.



I have undergone my own journey of personal transformation through the tools and methods used in EMF. As your EMF Coach I have detailed knowledge of every element of the EMF program. This means I am perfectly placed to help you ease your way through the course, support you in smoothing out any bumps along the way and to guide and host you within your new peer group.

As a coach, and having received direct personal training from my mentor, Peter Sage, and having worked with Peter  developing the highly intensive Elite Mentorship Trainer course, I am intensely aware that each human being is unique and will have a unique motive for embarking on a course such as this. I undertake to ensure you have a safe space to be you throughout the journey.




EMF has changed my life in a profound and uplifting way. This approach to teaching is a gift. I have experienced so much growth within myself in the past few months… EMF hasn’t only given me the tools to understand who I am, it gave me a peer group, a community and lifelong friendships with friends from around the world. Because this content is available to me for the rest of my life, I know that I will continue to grow and contribute and help to make the world a better place. Thank you so much ….



The Elite Mentorship Forum is a proven and effective transformation program which supplies the key to 
understanding how to live a truly empowered life. 


The Elite Mentorship Forum is an all-encompassing program, which has a way of providing exactly what it is you seek: whether financial security, absolute certainty, core strength, inner peace, unconditional love, better health, relationship assurance, emotional mastery, advanced learning techniques or simply a better way to be.

The Elite Mentorship Forum is unique and completely different to anything else available within the personal growth industry. The evident passion with which this innovative program was created by transformative coach Peter Sage, using his personal knowledge, learnings, and experience, comes across in every minute of every module. EMF creates a whole new dimension and understanding of how to create the results you want and covers topics that other programs don’t include and do not address. 

Experience freedom and flow; find out how to create the best version of yourself with your like-minded peer group; embrace clarity, effortlessly unfold your potential, and be prepared to attract wealth, health and abundance.

The Elite Membership Forum Program covers everything needed to create long-lasting transformational change beyond what you ever thought possible.


EMF is for you if you wish to:

  • Find freedom from financial worry and welcome wealth, health and abundance into your life

  • Wake up with a joyful readiness to welcome the day

  • Experience lasting, positive change in every facet of your life 

  • Secure unlimited supplies of self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Develop and sustain new strong and uplifting behavioural habits 

  • Hold infinite trust in yourself and your judgment, in everything you do

  • Be carefree, and create the life you want, instead of Life controlling you

  • Learn a mindful and positive approach for dealing with disease and illness

  • Master control over your emotional reactions, so nothing can hurt or upset you

  • Say goodbye to procrastination and self-sabotage, and take your next step with complete certainty 

  • Finally conquer a debilitating obsession or addiction that has been consistently present in your life

EMF is available to everyone but is not necessarily for everyone. It is not for you if you:

  • Refuse to embrace the uncertainty around breaking the emotional patterns and beliefs which have been governing and controlling you 

  • Are prepared to let self-sabotaging and procrastination persist

  • Wish to stay ‘safe’ in your comfort zone and not be prepared to expand it

  • Do not believe you can break perceived negative habits that do not serve you

  • Want to allow your ingrained patterns of behaviours to continue to run your life

  • Deny the initiative which brought you to this point of consideration

  • Accept the notion that you are not ‘worthy enough’ to invest in yourself

Maybe ask yourself, why you are here, reading this, right now.



DR RORY MCGILL (UK) MD and Holistic Doctor 

EMF is hugely inspirational, impacting me daily through the routines and practices now covering the key areas of my life – health, relationships, financial, business, and growth – all which consistently help me stay on target to achieve my goals. I graduated EMF with greater wisdom, increased self-awareness, self-confidence, and, noticeably, far less procrastination! I can honestly say I am fulfilled both at work and at home.


The EMF encapsulates a lifetime of gathering wisdom and consciously learning from the experiences of a life of business and the business of Life. Of the three phases, it is of special interest that the creation of Phase 3 took Peter years; years to crack the formula to identify and provide the breakthrough section to the final and lasting stages of transformation. Enjoy!

PHASE 1 – Foundation and Reinvention

In Phase 1 we take a look at Reality, what it truly is, and how we fit into its picture; provide dynamic tools to help accelerate learning; present alternative views away from the norm with regard to our perception of money, wealth and abundance; take a deep dive to concentrate on uncovering the hidden beliefs, patterns of thinking and emotional blocks (both positive and negative) which are responsible for where you currently are; and finally master the four primary relationships in Life.

PHASE 2 – Purpose and Direction

Phase 2 covers how to ‘achieve the impossible’ by learning the fastest way to develop and access resources for powerful concentration; being authentic, what authenticity really means and how to benefit from new opportunities which will present themselves to you, effortlessly, when your true authentic self is present; identification of the key difference between people who succeed and those that don’t, in any area of life; reinventing goals using a potent and creative model unique to this course; identification of different parts of your personality and how to align and integrate them in a powerfully compelling way. 

PHASE 3 – Your Relationship with Life

The final phase allows you to: intentionally design, create, permanently rebuild and install your brand new upgraded psychology; clear up limiting thinking; comprehend what drives you from both conscious and sub-conscious levels, by redesigning your mindset from the ground up and replacing it with empowering new habits that will set you up to win every time; understand the advanced levels of consciousness to authoritatively map your journey; create your Legacy, by being in complete alignment and discovering your truest purpose.


Nothing happens on its own, so to enable the level of commitment needed from each participant and in true EMF fashion, we have set you up to win from the very moment you sign up.

All you have to do is show up – after that you will become swept up in a life-transforming tsunami, and your job is simply to keep your head above the water and go with the flow. The EMF mantra is ‘Do the Work, Trust the Process, Enjoy the Journey’.

By following this course to the letter, watching, and listening to the modules in a timely fashion, doing the homework, following the workbook, connecting with your Buddy, attending and participating in the peer group community calls and Q&As, in short – staying engaged throughout - you will experience a higher existence with greater success, joy, fulfilment and complete freedom from harmful thinking. 

Rebuild and re-sculpt your inner world to set you up for a 
lifetime of higher levels of success.


POWERFUL CONTENT – 13 Modules in 3 Phases

• Three strategically designed phases
• Paced learning delivered by Peter Sage

GROWING and SHARING – Live Q&A and Community Calls


• 100% support, sharing and caring
• Completely non-judgmental support group

ACCOUNTABILITY – Weekly 1:1 Buddy Calls

• Personal support from your like-minded Buddy
• Ensuring you stay on track

ACTIVE LEARNING - Back-up Tools for Embedded Learning


• Download learning applications 
• Workbook with practical exercises


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