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Elite Mentorship Program

The Most Successful Personal Development And Transformation Program Ever Created...

What if you could
Live Life Effortlessly?

The Elite Mentorship Forum


The Elite Mentorship Forum is a comprehensive, six-month program designed to
break through every single self-limiting belief that holds you back from achieving everything you want to achieve and from becoming everything you wish to be.

Over 27 weeks, this powerful, refreshing, life-changing course offers the opportunity to create lasting transformation for you to unlock your fullest potential, resulting in a deeply fulfilling, balanced and self-empowered life.

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If you're on this page, reading this very important information, then I am inviting you to join The Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) and, equally exciting, my personal EMF Alumni Peer Group of hundreds of people who have experienced massive transformation to reach new levels of potential.

You may have connected through referral, via the various training and information that is available or responded to a link showing up in your profile and were invited to (or found) this page.

Regardless of how you landed here, I'd go as far and say may you already have seen that the Personal Growth industry has irgely failing people.


What I mean is, so many people and experts in the personal development world focus on the wrong things. For example,  limiting beliefs....


I am certain that you will have heard so many state, "create new empowering beliefs". But this will only give short term transformation because the old beliefs have not been reframed and broken down, they have not been disempowered. So ultimately, since they are deeply engrained and have been with you for years, the old beliefs will push through and return.

Also, most coaches and courses don't guide you on your transformation far enough, including some commercial big name "gurus" out there. Which means people get out of victim mode,  further along the hustle mode or get carried along on motivation for a while, this will make you feel empowered for a time, until you hit the next adversity of tough challenge, and then you fall back, want more of the feel good factor that you have experience and return to do more courses..............


And this is what keeps the personal development industry going!

This is where the Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) stands alone.

Another area the personal development industry fails is in terms of trying to get you to fix things that go against your current environment, without actually helping you change your current environment to support the things you want!

Including, not only your peer group, but also the physiological make up of your body. With the right level of consistency in your conscious actions, helped by the accountability of the right coach with the right knowledge and a supportive peer group, not only do those positive conscious actions become positive unconscious habits but the trillions of cells in your body can be trained to create and maintain the physiology your body needs to support a positive mindset.

And this is why peer group, as a significant part of your environment, is so hugely important. So before I cover how EMF works let me explain more about the peer group:

It’s virtually the same story for everyone I meet, their life is not where they want it to be because either:

  • They don't know where they are going in life..

  • They know what they want to do, but their mind-set and psychology are stopping them from getting there because they don’t know how to address the hidden patterns that are stopping them...

  • They are a prisoner of their current peer group.


In fact most people don’t even have a peer group - they have what I call a FEAR group!

But if you are reading this, then those three reasons are no longer going to hold you back.  


Why am I confident of saying that?

The reality is, what gets you from A to B is not necessarily what gets you from B to C.

Unless you feel you are a victim of your past, in which case – keep reading as I will prove to you that no matter where you are in life – your history does not write your destiny. The only thing that does are the decisions you make today!


So, TODAY, I want to do something special for you, and that brings me to the main reason for this personal note. 

I’ve had a lot of people email, comment and ask questions about what exactly is the Elite Mentorship Forum (or EMF for short) and what’s the secret that makes the Elite Mentorship Forum so special and so successful, as compared to other peer groups?


Well, I want to give you everything I can for you to be able to go out and create an amazing peer group for yourself.


But I also know that sometimes creating a peer group is not enough. And that’s because…. throughout our individual journeys, many people transition in and out of our lives. What may seem to be a BFF or perfect peer group member today, may not be around tomorrow.


But sometimes, with certain people, you find there’s a special connection. And one that’s so deep, it lasts for a lifetime. Now that intrigued us, so we looked, and what we found was that the strongest bonds are not formed by people who hang out or spend the most time together. Or even those who learn or take a programme together, but the most incredible connections and friendships are made between people who actually go through some form of transformational experience together. One that touches something deeper inside.


As an example, the bond between roommates you have in college, is a good bond. But it’s nowhere near the level that people who stood back-to-back with each other on a battlefield have.


You also hear the same phenomena from those who have survived disasters or hardship together, or fought cancer together, right through to the underdog team at the Olympics who won gold against all the odds together.

So it’s one thing having a peer group... but in order to build the ultimate connection amongst people who joined such a powerful one it’s important to go through a journey of transformation in a way that goes much further than just a typical learning environment, but touched people and empowered them in a way that went far beyond any normal peer group or mastermind.


What I am going to share with you right now, on this private page is exactly what is EMF and what is the 'Secret Sauce' of the EMF and the exact system of transformation that has been developed over years of trial and error. One that was born from a multi-decade journey of personal growth and understanding what makes us tick.

Are you confused by the overwhelming amount of crap and misdirection that’s unfortunately so prevalent in today’s personal growth industry?


As a teacher and a student, there was one quality question that had to be asked.


And that was: “What if there was a way to teach a system to someone that allowed them to compress decades of learning into a powerful one-year program?” 


It took years to design it.


But if it can be made to be a year, why not use what was discovered about accelerated and advanced learning and actually teach that as part of the program so people could cut in half the time it takes to reinvent themselves and completely transform in just six months.

Any less than six months and the effects were good - but not permanent.


Anyway, it took another year to perfect that system and not only did it work, but it became even more effective. But before I share with you the formula, and before you get excited, I must warn you. 

The journey I am about to outline for you

is NOT for everyone. 

If you don't believe that you have everything within you right now that you need to get so much more out of your life. Or, if you believe, like many, the solution to your problems lie in prescription drugs, traditional psychotherapy, or traditional off-the-shelf life coaching, this formula is not for you.


If you are under the illusion that there is a ‘magic solution’ to getting more from life that doesn’t require you to roll up your sleeves and do some serious work on yourself, the syllabus I’m about to share is definitely not for you.


If you are not a team player. If you don't play well with others because you think life is a solo sport (which, by the way, is normally just a fear of either being judged or rejected) and therefore you deny yourself the incredible power of surrounding yourself with like-minded high level people which as you now know is a MASSIVE key, in fact for most people THE KEY to success, then the EMF and how I teach it is not for you.


Now, if that doesn’t apply to you, and you’re still with me, then the question you may be asking yourself is...


EMF is for you if you wish to:

  • Find freedom from financial worry and welcome wealth, health and abundance into your life

  • Wake up with a joyful readiness to welcome the day

  • Experience lasting, positive change in every facet of your life 

  • Secure unlimited supplies of self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Develop and sustain new strong and uplifting behavioural habits 

  • Hold infinite trust in yourself and your judgment, in everything you do

  • Be carefree, and create the life you want, instead of Life controlling you

  • Learn a mindful and positive approach for dealing with disease and illness

  • Master control over your emotional reactions, so nothing can hurt or upset you

  • Say goodbye to procrastination and self-sabotage, and take your next step with complete certainty 

  • Finally conquer a debilitating obsession or addiction that has been consistently present in your life

EMF is available to everyone but is not necessarily for everyone. It is not for you if you:

  • Refuse to embrace the uncertainty around breaking the emotional patterns and beliefs which have been governing and controlling you 

  • Are prepared to let self-sabotaging and procrastination persist

  • Wish to stay ‘safe’ in your comfort zone and not be prepared to expand it

  • Do not believe you can break perceived negative habits that do not serve you

  • Want to allow your ingrained patterns of behaviours to continue to run your life

  • Deny the initiative which brought you to this point of consideration

  • Accept the notion that you are not ‘worthy enough’ to invest in yourself

Maybe ask yourself, why you are here, reading this, right now.

How does EMF work?

Bearing in mind, as I said earlier, The Elite Mentorship Forum was built, not just to create an incredible Peer Group of friends and equals, but also to help people past all of the limitations and blocks I’ve been outlining here.
To not just give you a worksheet and hope you do it on your own, but to hold peoples hand and guide and mentor them personally and systematically from a life of pain and frustration that so many live, to one of effortless joy, wonder and fulfilment.
These individual steps are designed to not only help you overcome your past, but to celebrate it so you can chart an exciting new future - regardless of your previous story.
To grin in the shower for no reason other than your juiced about life and to set exciting, leap-out-of-bed-in-the-morning, compelling meaningful goals that make you want to seize the day! If you want a life like that - pay attention.
If you want to finally stop self-sabotaging and letting your complex personality stop you from living the life you were born for, then really pay attention.



The Elite Mentorship Forum is a proven and effective transformation program which supplies the key to understanding how to live a truly empowered life.

The Elite Mentorship Forum is an all-encompassing program, which has a way of providing exactly what it is you seek: whether financial security, absolute certainty, core strength, inner peace, unconditional love, better health, relationship assurance, emotional mastery, advanced learning techniques or simply a better way to be. 

The Elite Mentorship Forum is unique and completely different to anything else available within the personal growth industry. The evident passion with which this innovative program was created by transformative coach Peter Sage, using his personal knowledge, learnings, and experience, comes across in every minute of every module. EMF creates a whole new dimension and understanding of how to create the results you want and covers topics that other programs don’t include and do not address. 
Experience freedom and flow; find out how to create the best version of yourself with your like-minded peer group; embrace clarity, effortlessly unfold your potential, and be prepared to attract wealth, health and abundance.

The Elite Membership Forum Program covers everything needed to create long-lasting transformational change beyond what you ever thought possible.

EMF is split into THREE Phases with FOUR or more Modules in Each Phase. Let's go through each one in detail.

PHASE 1: Weeks 1-11


Successfully uncover the hidden beliefs, patterns & emotional blocks (positive & negative) that have led you to where you are. Clear up limiting thinking & replace it with empowering new habits.

Why start here?

Simple. Because No plant can survive if its roots are too shallow. Just like no building can stay up if the foundations aren’t strong. Sure, it may look good from the outside, but as soon as a storm comes, it’s starts to crumble. Many people are like that. Trying desperately to look good on the outside, while being emotionally fragile or empty on the inside. So, by going deep below the surface FIRST, we get uncover hidden beliefs, patterns and emotional blocks (both positive and negative) that have caused you to be exactly where and who you are today.

Modules 1-5:

  • Learn how the world really works (create more abundance in your life)

  • Accelerating your journey to mastery (achieve excellence faster)


  • Mastering Abundance (a new way to look at creating wealth)

  • Mastering emotions (instantly disarm negative emotions & never let them sabotage you again)​​​​​

  • Mastering the 4 primary relationships (with yourself, with time, with a higher power, and with others)

PHASE 2 - Weeks 12-19


Understand the key difference between people who succeed and those that fail in any area of life. You will shift your relationship to money, wealth & abundance - as part of your new compelling personal mission.


If you have a strong foundation but you lack purpose and direction then most days feel like groundhog day. There’s a spark missing. Did you know that one of the most searched questions in personal development is ‘how do I find my purpose?’ and the problem is that so many people go off and start this desperate and fruitless search only to end up back at square one.


Now phase two covers the four aspects that go into you discovering your purpose and then living your life in that direction. Then life takes on new meaning. That’s the time it’s easy to get up early and stay up late and have more energy on less sleep. That’s the spark I’m talking about. And there are four steps we cover that, if you are going to go out and do this on your own, you’ll want to follow.

Modules 6-9:

  • The Power of Concentration (achieve the impossible by leveraging complete focus)

  • Authenticity (benefit from new opportunities presenting themselves effortlessly)

  • Goals Reinvented (make your goals work for you without frustration or wasted energy)

  • Multiple Personality Disorder (align & integrate your different parts of your personality in a powerfully compelling way)

PHASE 3 - Weeks 20-27


Intentionally design, create and install your brand-new upgraded psychology. You will complete your transformation and experience a higher existence - greater success, joy, fulfillment, and freedom from harmful thinking.


Remember, it took me years to crack this formula and do the research. But it all leads to phase three.

Phase three is called REINVENTING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH LIFE and here is where things really kick up a gear because now we are building on four months of previous work. And what follows is an advanced series of modules that literally rebuilds and re-sculpts your inner world to set you up for a lifetime of higher levels of success. And, like the other phases, it’s in four parts.

Modules 10-13:

  • Dissecting your psychology (understand what drives you at the conscious and subconscious levels)

  • ​Permanently rebuild your psychology (redesign your mindset from the ground up)

  • Advanced ​​​​​​​levels of consciousness (understand the full 17 levels of consciousness that exist)

  • ​Creating your legacy (discover your True North and align with your truest purpose)




EMF has changed my life in a profound and uplifting way. This approach to teaching is a gift. I have experienced so much growth within myself in the past few months… EMF hasn’t only given me the tools to understand who I am, it gave me a peer group, a community and lifelong friendships with friends from around the world. Because this content is available to me for the rest of my life, I know that I will continue to grow and contribute and help to make the world a better place. Thank you so much ….


Is the legacy of my life going to be an example, or a warning?


It can’t be both. And I can’t choose for you.


All I can do is act as your mentor, friend and guide, give you the resources, training, the inspiration and the framework to allow you to decide for yourself. 


And the framework I use is simple but effective.


Each of the 13 modules are released every 2 weeks in a set of videos, worksheets, and exercises. You have a week to study the material and do your homework before you then get on a live Q&A call with me to go over the lessons.


And this really acts as the cement between the learning and the modules.


Now A BIG part of the success of the program, is accountability. 


Apart from the rest of your new peers that you’ll be liaising and interacting with in the private group, you are also assigned a specific accountability partner, who will team up with you and help you stick to your commitments. 


This is like having your own personal trainer, and of course your role will be to keep him or her accountable too.  


As I said earlier, expect friendships and quality connections for life to come out of this because the journey you take together is so transformational, that to share it with one person, let alone the group, builds a unique bond which far transcends your typical friendship.


There are also optional study groups you can get involved in which really add value and create and keep momentum. You see, there are many factors involved in making this system and this program as powerful as it is.

It was designed that way.


But… a massive part of that is the quality of content. So, if you are going out on your own then I need to give you this heads up as guys, I see this SO often in this industry and I mentioned it briefly earlier.


Most content out there, and I would go as far as to say, without any exaggeration the figure is over ninety percent, is just the same stuff that’s been circulating in the industry for the last fifty plus years, but with different terminology to make it sound new.


You may as well drive a fifty-year-old car with new paint, and that is just not going to get you to where you need to go.


Cutting Edge Personal Growth & Results Training is What You Need.


Not old books with new covers which the Shelf-Help industry thrives on.


And, when you find it, make sure it’s in a system that’s been designed, tested and proven to get permanent and lasting results.

A big part of that, remember, is Accountability.

And I don’t care how motivated you think you are. It’s a fact that if you are accountable, your results go up.


That’s why it’s a big part of the program. And it should be a big part of any program you look at.


But at the end of the day THE most powerful part of the Elite Mentorship Forum, hands down, is the amazing group of peers you will come to know, rely on, and love.


THEY will raise you to a higher level as much as the content will.


And on top of that we also get together at least once a year to meet in person and have fun at an annual festival.


In fact the last one was a party & BBQ with hundreds, yes hundreds, of EMF alumni from all over the world - at it was amazing.




DR RORY MCGILL (UK) MD and Holistic Doctor 

EMF is hugely inspirational, impacting me daily through the routines and practices now covering the key areas of my life – health, relationships, financial, business, and growth – all which consistently help me stay on target to achieve my goals. I graduated EMF with greater wisdom, increased self-awareness, self-confidence, and, noticeably, far less procrastination! I can honestly say I am fulfilled both at work and at home.

What Does It Take To Get Involved? 

Well, I’ll be honest, to take somebody personally through this system one on one, I charge my private coaching rate of a hundred grand a year so it would be $20,000 for the six months. And, which due to my schedule, is always limited to just three clients.
Plus, if I’m taking you through this one-on-one, you miss out on the peer group.
However, with the EMF, it’s different, because it’s not one on one, it means I can leverage my time far more effectively, and work with a select group at a time, and therefore I’m able to offer it at much better rate and which means it’s far more available and accessible to people.
Now, obviously, there has to be a level of fair-exchange.
And that’s the same with anything you invest in. Remember, if you don’t pay much, then you usually don’t pay much attention.
But having said that, I wanted to make this highly affordable for those committed to wanting to change. So, the entire program doesn’t come at the one-on-one rate of $20,000, but just a fraction of that cost, for the entire six months of learning and lifetime membership. I don't specify a specific price because there are different options and payment plans available depending on your specific needs. I will go over everything with you.


When Does EMF Start?

Well as I’ve already said, the EMF is exclusive, it is MY peer group, and I only open it up to new members on occasion, sometimes just once a year.
And the good news is as you saw… registration for the next Forum is now open.
It is absolutely limited to a select number of places, and once they are gone you’ll have to join the waiting list for the next opportunity.
But as of this minute, there are still some places available for the upcoming Forum so if any of what I have shared so far resonates, apply to grab one now!
That part couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is click on the button just below, answer the questions and, if we feel you’re a good fit, then one of my senior team will book a call with you.
And that’s where the value starts as on that call we’ll even begin to analyse and work with you on what’s holding you back the most from getting to the next level in life.
Then we can both decide if the Elite Mentorship Forum is right for you, and if you are right for the Elite Mentorship Forum. 
In other words...
You Can’t Just Buy Your Way In To EMF...
Why? I really want to see if this is a team fit for you personally, and plus I take the energy of the group as a whole very seriously.
AND, as for the special bonus, I do like to reward action takers, as they are the kind of people who usually make good Forum members.
So, here's the deal...If you submit an application, you may be eligible for a fast action discount off the entire program, reducing your total investment!
That could save you thousands on a world-class life-changing six-month personal growth program and upgrade to your peer group.
Oh, and just so you know, many members generate more than ten times what they've paid for this program in business and opportunities from inside the peer group before they even finish the program!
And yes, there are financing and payment plan options available. You can speak to me about that.


Nothing happens on its own, so to enable the level of commitment needed from each participant and in true EMF fashion, we have set you up to win from the very moment you sign up.

All you have to do is show up – after that you will become swept up in a life-transforming tsunami, and your job is simply to keep your head above the water and go with the flow. The EMF mantra is ‘Do the Work, Trust the Process, Enjoy the Journey’.

By following this course to the letter, watching, and listening to the modules in a timely fashion, doing the homework, following the workbook, connecting with your Buddy, attending and participating in the peer group community calls and Q&As, in short – staying engaged throughout - you will experience a higher existence with greater success, joy, fulfilment and complete freedom from harmful thinking. 

Rebuild and re-sculpt your inner world to set you up for a 
lifetime of higher levels of success.

What IF Financial Resources Are A Challenge For You Right Now?

Now I'm fully aware, money is an emotive subject.
IF financial resources are a challenge for you right now, then it’s a sure sign that something in your life needs to change!
So, if you qualify to be accepted - but you can’t afford to join, then I’ve also prepared a range of options and suggestions we can point you to so that you can get life-changing transformation that will allow you to climb the ladder of success until you can afford to join EMF in the near future.
So, if money IS a challenge, then still apply and let us at least show you where to focus your energy to solve that. 

And seriously my friend, I’m not saying this from a place of arrogance but a place of love.
If you don’t have a spare $$$s that you can invest in your own personal future, you NEED to change whatever it is you are doing and who you are currently showing up as in terms of adding value to the world.
And I love you enough to be the one to tell you that.
And, by the way, never confuse effort for value.
Effort is working forty-five hard hours a week in a job and retiring broke.
Value is a result of you giving your gift to the world from a place of owning and radiating your own worth.
And that’s the energy you feel from an EMF grad when they walk in a room.
Which is why they usually earn and attract a lot more money than before they joined and why we cover how to start doing that and mastering money in the very first module!
Plus, you still have seventy-two hours to see if you qualify for a fast action discount or payment plan, by clicking one of the application buttons on this page.

You have a choice to make...

Now or Never.png

To wrap up I’m going to give you a final quick 60 second summary of the Elite Mentorship Forum and the transformation formula. And then leave you with a quality question you should be asking yourself every single morning…


In a nutshell, the EMF is a six month, online intensive and interactive program with me and a select group of other high-energy peers from all over the world.


It will take you through a systematic three phase, twelve step process and journey of transformation so you can live a more fulfilling life of flow, joy, and fulfillment.

The Elite Mentorship Forum Includes:

  • 6 Month Proven Transformation Program

  • 13 Core EMF Modules - (3 Phases that design to bring you to through-me)

  • 6-mths Group Q&A calls with Me - (I will answer any question you have to make your learning from the videos pertinent to you and your situation)

  • 12 Modules Workbooks - (YES, there is homework involved)


  • VIP Ticket to Annual Festival - (You will meet all your peers, and me, in person)

  • 11 Part Pre-Study Straight Talk Course with Worksheets - (Valued At $1,000)


  • High-level Peer Group - (Peers that will inspire & ensure accountability)


  • Accountability Partner and Buddy


  • Life-time Access to a closed Community Group

  • Life-time Access to the study materials - (You go over the material as many times as you wish)

  • Lifetime EMF Alumni Membership


Each of the 13 modules are released every 2 weeks in a set of videos, worksheets, and exercises. You have a week to study the material and do your homework before you then get on a live Q&A call with me to go over the lessons.

That brings me to the question you should be sticking to your bathroom mirror and asking yourself every morning before you brush your teeth.


Every day you have a choice.


You can choose to follow the life you were born to live or you can choose to get distracted from it.


One path takes courage, which is the gateway to greatness.


The other is filled with excuses and reasons to hide behind your fears.


But the good news is… it is a choice.


The question you should ask yourself is:


“What actions am I going to take today that my future self will thank me for, rather than blame me for?”


It’s a life-changing daily question and I will leave you to answer it.


If it’s to go it alone, then at least commit to moving forward in a positive direction.


If the decision is to come with me and allow me the privilege of guiding and mentoring you on a new and exciting journey to greatness, then have the courage to click the button as both myself, me and your future self are waiting for you on the other side.

Sebastian Attewell

From My Heart To Yours


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