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Escape your preprogramming

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Whether you feel you can achieve more but are held back by circumstances or lack of opportunities, or you feel you need more training to have credibility in your professional subject area or to push your business to the next level, or maybe you cannot see how to get back to who you were or how you were thriving before adversity such as #redundancy or #divorce the limitations holding you back are all in your head.

You already have everything you need to succeed and that it's only your beliefs that are holding you back.

As we go through life we pick up conditioning which leads to developing #limitingbeliefs about ourselves.

Take the story of Mohini, a majestic white tiger presented to Eisenhower in the 60s and kept at Washington Zoo, where visitors watched her pace around a 3x3m (12’x12’) cage with iron bars and a concrete floor for years.

When someone donated money for the zoo to create a new habitat of around 5000sqm with hills, trees, water and a variety of vegetation, for her to live a life worthy of her magnificence, Mohini simply found corner of her new home and paced back and forth in a 3m×3m area, wearing the grass to bare soil, for the rest of her life.

It is a tragedy that such a majestic creature had become so accustomed to a limited life that she couldn't break free from it, even though greater freedom was available.

In a similar manner, many of us are trapped in the same old patterns and limitations that have been passed down through the generations or created by conditioning throughout childhood and even adulthood?

Sadly most of us cage ourselves within boundaries of #selfjudgment, low #selfworth and patterns of protecting ourselves from emotions we want to avoid.

These boundaries are created in our subconscious from a variety of events, such as societal or familial expectations, being told we have not been good enough for that chocolate bar by a busy and stressed parent or even events in adulthood, such as an unsupportive work environment leading us to fear speaking our opinion or sharing our expertise in front of others.

These experiences, the way we responded to them and the internal language we use about them build invisible boundaries, which become part of us and keep us imprisoned.

The good news is that you can #breakthrough these patterns, you can #reprogram yourself with a new set of beliefs that will free you from the limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back.

The escape from your cage begins with the #selfawareness, and unconditional acceptance of everything about yourself. Becoming aware of your shadow self; your sorrow, pain, fear, anger or jealousy, without resistance or a need to control them. Then, once you start figuring out the building blocks of your mind and how they are wired together, it’s time to redesign and reprogram yourself with new beliefs.

Designing your own self beliefs from the ground up is one of the most empowering and, when done right, lasting changes across all aspects of your life.

In the Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF), using powerful and proven techniques throughout a series of modules, including those authenticity, emotional mastery and dissecting and rebuilding your psychology, I will take you on a journey of #selfdiscovery and teach you how to break through your limiting beliefs, unlock your greatness and unleash the best version of you .

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1 Comment

James Newington
James Newington
Jan 29, 2022

Halfway through EMF and already feeling the shifts

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